Arugula – Roquette


Arugula is a tasty green, but it can be a bit overpowering if used alone.  I like to include about 50% arugula in my mixed green salads.

May 28, 2016 = Day 0.  Plants started from seed (Botanical Interests).  Seeds sowed in 1.5-inch rockwool cube in 2-inch net-pot.  Moistened with Seedling Blend, a dilute blend of fertilizers.  N-P-K (in ppm): 22-12-13.

May 30 = Day 2.  Plant germinated, placed directly under a fluorescent light (2 ft. T8 bulb, 17W, 6500k) for 16 hours per day.

IMG_20160606_120457989 (1)
Jun 6 = Day 9

Jun 15 = Day 18.  Thinned to 1 plant in net-pot.  Installed plant into a 3.5-gallon bucket using Jungle Juice Blend, a regular-strength fertilizer blend.  N-P-K (in ppm): 113-35-122.  Moved plant to indoor grow room, receiving 9 hours LED grow light per day.

IMG_20160616_120946181 (1)
Jun 16 = Day 19
IMG_20160706_125833410 (1)
Jul 6 = Day 39
IMG_20160725_112859569 (1)
Jul 25 = Day 58
IMG_20160811_123027280 (1)
Aug 11 = Day 75

Aug 13 = Day 77.  Entire plant is wilting in the direct sunlight, it is just too hot for this plant.  The indoor grow room is consistently above 80 °F during the day, and doesn’t cool down much at night, so I think this plant would do better under cooler conditions.  Also, the pH of the hydroponic fluid has dropped to 4.5, which is way too low for healthy growth.  All leaves were harvested at this time.

Total fluid used = 10 cups (0.63 gallon).  Final pH of fluid = 4.5.

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