Swiss Chard – Flamingo Pink

swiss-chard-flamingo-pink-dsc02548Swiss chard seems to do very well in the Bucket Hydroponics system.  This variety of chard is characterized by beautiful pink stalks.

May 28, 2016 = Day 0.  Plants started from seed (Baker Creek).  Seeds sowed in 1.5-inch rockwool cube in 2-inch net-pot.  Moistened with Seedling Blend, a dilute blend of fertilizers.  N-P-K (in ppm): 22-12-13.

May 30 = Day 2.  Plant germinated, placed directly under a fluorescent light (2 ft. T8 bulb, 17W, 6500k) for 16 hours per day.

IMG_20160606_120437727 (1)
Jun 6 = Day 9

Jun 15 = Day 18.  Installed plant into a 2-gallon bucket using Jungle Juice Blend, a regular-strength fertilizer blend.  N-P-K (in ppm): 113-35-122.  Plant moved to indoor grow room, receiving 9 hours LED grow light per day.

IMG_20160616_121225422 (1)
Jun 16 = Day 19
IMG_20160706_125915305 (1)
Jul 6 = Day 39
IMG_20160725_113132820 (1)
Jul 25 = Day 58

Aug 4 = Day 68.  Container was almost empty, so I added 0.75 gallon of fresh fluid, this time using the MasterBlend-based Regular-Strength Blend.  N-P-K (in ppm): 103-41-168.

IMG_20160811_122855981 (1)
Aug 11 = Day 75

Aug 13 = Day 77.  Harvested entire plant.  Total fluid used = 2.5 gallons.

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