Arugula – Roquette


Arugula is a tasty green, but it can be a bit overpowering if used alone. I like to include about 50% arugula in my mixed green salads.

Oct 9 = Day 0.  Plants started from seed (Botanical Interests).  Seeds sowed in 1.5-inch rockwool cube in 2-inch net-pot.  Moistened with Seedling Blend, a dilute blend of fertilizers.  N-P-K (in ppm): 22-12-13.

Oct 11 = Day 2.  Plants germinated, placed directly under a fluorescent light (spiral bulb, 23W, 6500k) for 16 hours per day.

Oct 18 = Day 9.  2 seedlings per rockwool cube.

Oct 18 = Day 9.  Installed the plants into two 5-gallon buckets using the MasterBlend-based Regular-Strength Blend.  N-P-K (in ppm): 103-41-168.  Plants now receive 10 hours of light per day from the LED grow light.  Additionally, one of the buckets is getting aeration from a small air stone connected to the GH2716 air pump.  The other bucket is non-aerated.

Oct 29 = Day 20.  Aerated bucket is on the right.
Nov 13 = Day 35.  Aerated bucket is on the right.
Nov 18 = Day 40.  Aerated bucket is on the right.

Nov 18 = Day 40.  Plants were placed in front of a window receiving about 3 hours of sunlight per day.  The use of the LED grow light was discontinued.  The pH of the fluid in the buckets was measured: non-aerated = 4.5, aerated = 5.0.  Since this is a bit on the low side for optimal plant growth, the pH was raised up to 6.0 by the addition of ‘pH Up’.  The non-aerated bucket received 5 mL of pH Up diluted in 1 cup tap water.  In the aerated bucket, the fluid level was slightly lower, so this bucket received 4 mL pH Up diluted in 5 cups tap water.

Nov 27 = Day 49.  Use of aeration was discontinued at this time.  The plants appear to be the same size, so aeration does not offer any benefit to the growth rate of the plants.

Dec 1  = Day 53
Dec 7 = Day 59
Dec 20 = Day 72

Dec 26 = Day 78.  Began harvesting leaves for use in salads.

Feb 3 = Day 117.  Continuing to harvest leaves for salads every week.  Checked the pH of the fluid in the two buckets: 6.5 and 7.0.

Feb 3 = Day 117
IMG_20170313_154137728 (1)
Mar 13 = Day 155

Mar 13 = Day 155.  One of the plants in the right bucket is bolting.  The other plants are still growing well.  The left bucket has plenty of fluid, but the right bucket is getting light, so I added 1 gallon of Regular-Strength Blend.

Mar 31 = Day 173.  Added 1 gallon of Regular-Strength Blend to each bucket.

IMG_20170414_095012267 (1)
Apr 14 = Day 187

Apr 14 = Day 187.  Added 1 gallon of Regular-Strength Blend to each bucket.  Plants are bolting, so I trimmed off the flower stalks.

Apr 19 = Day 192.  Since the plants have bolted, the leaves have gotten quite bitter, and so the plants were discarded at this time.

Total fluid used = 6-7 gallons per bucket.


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