Brief Overview

This page provides a brief overview, but more detailed information can be found in the Step-By-Step Guide.

Step 1:  Gather your materials:

  1. Container, such as a 5-gallon bucket, plus lid
  2. Net-pots, 2-inch
  3. Rockwool cubes, 1.5-inch
  4. Fertilizer (nitrate-based)
  5. Seeds

Step 2: Prepare the lid by cutting 2-inch diameter holes (1-3 holes total).

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Step 3: Place rockwool cubes into the net-pots.  Insert seeds, moisten with water and diluted fertilizer, cover and allow seeds to germinate (can take 2-7 days).


Step 4: Place the seedlings in a sunny area, or directly under a light.  Make sure the rockwool cubes stay wet.  After about 2 weeks, transfer the plants to the 5-gallon bucket, filled with water and fertilizer.


That’s it!  There’s nothing else to do but watch your plants grow, and harvest food when ready.


Hopefully this brief overview has convinced you how easy it will be to grow food right in your own home, with very little effort at all.  There is much more to learn though, check out the Step-By-Step Guide for more details.

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