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Research Papers

A Suspended Pot, Non-Circulating Hydroponic Method, by B. A. Kratky.  Descriptions of growing lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

A Suspended Net-Pot, Non-Circulating Hydroponic Leafy, Romaine, and Semi-Head Lettuce Method for Commercial Production of Leafy, Romaine, and Semi-Head Lettuce, by B. A. Kratky.

Three Non-circulating Hydroponic Methods for Growing Lettuce, by B. A. Kratky.

Non-Circulating Hydroponic Methods for Growing Tomatoes, by B.A. Kratky, G.T. Maehira, R.J. Cupples and C.C. Bernabe.

Growing Hydroponic Cucumbers in a Plastic Trash Container, by B. A. Kratky.

Growing Lettuce by a Float-support Non-circulating Hydroponic Method in Hawaii and Pennsylvania, by B.A. Kratky, G.T. Maehira and E.J. Magno.  Describes an alternative approach in which the plant sits in the hydroponic fluid on a floating raft.

Calculating Fertilizer Rates, by B. A. Kratky.  Everything you ever wanted to know about mixing up your nutrient solutions.

A Recipe for Hydroponic Success, by Neil S. Mattson & Cari Peters.  An excellent guide to fertilizer concentrations and water quality issues.

Small-Scale Lettuce Production with Hydroponics or Aquaponics, by Harry Ako and Adam Baker.


Growing Vegetable Crops by Non-Circulating Hydroponic Methods, an 18-minute video by Dr. Kratky, displays methods for growing lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, watercress, and other crops.

Off Grid Hydroponics Experiment – The Kratky Method & Floating Raft Hydroponics, Nov 5, 2012.  Starting at 1:45, Bobby Smith (MHPgardener) shows a nice demonstration of the  principles of Kratky hydroponics.

Easy Hydroponics – Anybody Can Do This, Dec 20, 2012.  Bobby grows hydroponic lettuce in large wooden boxes and smaller plastic totes.

Hydroponic Fertilizer : What I Use & How to Mix It, Dec 28, 2012.  An excellent review of how to make up a batch of hydroponic fluid, using MasterBlend 4-18-38, calcium nitrate, and magnesium sulfate.

Building New Boxes for Hydroponic Growing, Feb 8, 2013.  Bobby constructs large boxes made of wood and plastic sheeting.

Hydroponic Cabbage – Yes You Can!, Mar 2, 2013.  Bobby compares cabbage grown in 3 conditions: 1) hydroponics with no aeration, 2) hydroponics with aeration, 3) grown in the ground.  Bobby finds that hydroponics with no aeration worked OK, but adding aeration resulted in a slightly bigger cabbage.  The biggest head of cabbage comes from the ground, but it took a lot more labor and water.

Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment – Comparing Water Soluble Fertilizers, Mar 12, 2013.  Hydroponic Fertilizer Followup, Mar 21, 2013.  Final Results, Mar 28, 2013.  In this series of videos, Bobby grows lettuce comparing 4 fertilizer blends: 1) Masterblend 4-18-38 + calcium nitrate + magnesium sulfate, 2) MiracleGro All-purpose, 3) MiracleGro Tomato, and 4) Jack’s 20-20-20.  The results are clear: the MasterBlend formula, with its nitrate-based nitrogen, is clearly superior to the other 3 formulations, which are all urea-based.  In hydroponics, the primary source of nitrogen should be nitrate, not urea.

Next Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment, Apr 9, 2013.  Final Results, May 1, 2013.  Bobby compares 4 growing conditions: 1) Masterblend 4-18-38 with aeration, 2) Masterblend with no aeration, 3) Chem-Gro Hobby formula 10-8-22, and 4) FoxFarm Grow Big 6-4-4.  He found that Masterblend formula with aeration was the best, Masterblend without aeration and Chem-Gro did very well, and the FoxFarm did poorly.

Growing Hydroponic Lettuce Outside with No Electricity, May 25, 2013.  Bobby has great success growing hydroponic lettuce outside in his wooden boxes, aside from the fact that they would occasionally fill up with rainwater.

Hydroponic Seed Starting & Simple PVC Grow Light Stand, Aug 21, 2013.  Bobby shows how he grows his plants from seed using rockwool cubes, and also details a stand for his fluorescent lights.

Fall Garden: Hydroponics and Raised Beds, Sep 3, 2013.  Fall Garden and Hydroponic Cabbage Update, Oct 28, 2013.  Bobby gets into large-scale hydroponics, using IBC totes that he has cut in half.  These containers hold about 100 gallons, and Bobby is able to grow some enormous cabbage heads.

YouTube Video Channels

MHPgardener, with Bobby Smith.  Bobby has done some fantastic work using Kratky hydroponics in a greenhouse setting.

Hydroponics Guy, with Brock Hughes.  Brock has done nice work with hydroponics, specifically Dutch Bucket Hydroponics, in a greenhouse setting.

Matt Garver has a number of videos demonstrating the successful application of non-circulating hydroponics, mostly involving connected bucket systems with separate reservoir and controller buckets.

Growing Your Greens, with John Kohler.  John has turned his entire front-yard into a raised-bed garden paradise.  He doesn’t do much with hydroponics, but he has a ton of great gardening advice.

Websites, check out the ‘Articles’ section for great info.