Tomato – Sun Gold

Sun Gold is a cherry tomato variety, yielding a large harvest of orange, sweet tomatoes.  This plant was started as a cutting from another plant.  All but a few leaves were removed from the cutting, and the cutting was placed in a rockwool cube.  After about 2 weeks, roots were emerging from the rockwool, so the plant was installed in a small bucket outside.   The plant was later moved to a 32-gallon bucket.

July 24, 2014 = Day 0.  Cutting taken from another plant.

August 11, 2014 = Day 18
Sept 2, 2014 = Day 40
Sept 2, 2014 = Day 40

Sept 26, 2014 = Day 62.  Started harvesting ripe tomatoes.  Amount of fluid in container was getting low, began adding 5 gallons of fresh fluid every week or 2.

Harvested lots of tomatoes throughout Oct 2014, and production began to drop in Nov.  Entire plant blew over in a wind storm in Dec 2014, so I placed bricks on the bottom part of the PVC support structure to keep it weighed down.  The plant lasted until Feb 2015, at which point it looked bad and was taken down.

Total water usage during lifetime of plant = 75 gallons.


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